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Musselburgh Edingburgh Races.

2.30 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Maiden Auction Stakes (Plus 10 Race) (Class 4)

2.30 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Maiden Auction Stakes (Plus 10 Race) (Class 4)

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Northern Hope 11/8 Fav.

April foal, by Equiano, Last two Generations Top Quality Speed Introduced to the family, I can see why they are going 7f 1m as the family do win at this trip Dam 2nd dam, But you know what? I think this Horse needs to step down in Trip to 6f and he will win, He Looks like he’s being Speed Influenced by the sire the second family also had speed Introduced so maybe these Newer crops from the dam with speed influential stallions!! they now need to step down in trip, Maybe they Know this and want a good mark who knows? he seems to have speed at certain points of the race but this trip now I think he’s vulnerable and at the Price, id takes him on! but he will win races and I’d be interested to see if he does come back in trip any time soon. still has a favs chance in this contest.

Brecks selection 7/2 April foal Not one of the Trainers Usual types that he buys the dam and second dam both Unraced Related to french Middle distance winners, this Looks a handicap Project, to be honest: however MKJonstone can get these types to win at any trip, something they do in the Southern Hemisphere with Horses not bred for certain trips but not Usually here. still, at this stage, this is the trip for these types but they will improve once they go over farther next year or much later in the Nursery season. Chances in this contest.

Bye Bye Euro, 5/1 Jan foal by Dragon Pulse, A stallion I Like who goes under the radar for me! Now the Dam & 2nd Dam could easily be brushed past as a Non-Starter. yet it looks to me like the Dam was sent over the wrong trip from day 1, showed a lot of speed in her races and when they finally did work it out she performed much better, lots of pages go unnoticed because everyone just looks at the bare data really so you miss a lot of stuff in the pedigrees, there’s plenty of stamina in the past but last few crops speed has been introduced and the line goes back to xaar and then the 2nd Dam although from stayers was by Indian Ridge and related to some very fast Lines through cousins, Dalgliesh/Oryan are very Decent Bloodstock Purchasers and Buy Well, Id bet if you gave them 30k they’d find you a better horse than Most pay 100k for!! that I can say: watching them develop over the past few Years as Vendors, as Well as Kieth, being a Trainer too. This Horse was backed on debut and they don’t make many Mistakes! this set up so maybe this one is Prepped and ready to go before being Possibly put back for a later campaign next yr, which sometimes happens with these types from this yard. I don’t Know Just Guessing Basically. Win chances +

Win chances for sure.

Jack Ryan 10/1 March foal by Harbour Watch whos a top-class son of Acclamation, The Dam Anything (by Rock of Gibraltar) was Unraced but was related to good winners in France and the US, the family are 7f 1m specialists going back away so todays trip Looks Perfect, bought cheaply from the breeze ups but may have had an Injury or the ground maybe was soft? the negative is the draw but could know his Job being a Breeze up and these are pre-trained at pre trainers so they are Mostly clued up and have done the Barrier trials? so they know their jobs if the case, Very Interesting and if breaks well definite Debut win chance!, the family Usually take a run or two but the page has winners in. Debut win chance Id say.

Magna Moralia 12/1 by Gregorian, from a family I know, these types can go well on Debut, Gregorian although Known for Ok later Types can Produce early sorts and a lot do go well first run and this family do Train well from the start so Id say has a debut win chance for sure, Drawn in 1 is a slight negative if your not going to lead and if you do lead your vulnerable late on, some do win from the gun when heavy prepped to go! Not sure this is one. but the draw is ok if you don’t get blocked and would need speed to get out of trouble, Possibilities nevertheless,

Time Force 16/1 a son of Gale force Ten, not a bad page and will win races most Likley Handicaps later on.

Gipsy Road 16/1 by Casamento Looks a handicap Project for much later next yr a 3yo who will pick up a race or two next yr maybe, small surprise if he won this.

Aniemation 50/1 by Acclamation so that’s a good start! 50/1 but looks a handicap Project when brought back in trip, he will win races Guaranteed, some nice speed in the pedigree not going to give you a pro line up as time is ticking. just come back later as these Pages are a Library and you will find what I say about these Horse at 2 will be invaluable to you the Punter later on and at 3 and 4 yo os. this is why I’m doing this daily 2yo blog, it is a Library to come back too later on. not just for today.

Harswell Approach, by Camacho, 7 f here today looks sharp the Dam Maiden Approach (by New Approach) are decent Middle distant classic winning stallion so there’s time and I will be surprised if this one doesn’t win a handicap over 10 furlongs at min.

TIP Jack Ryan Debut Predicted win 10/1 1/4pt EW Danger Magna Moralia But I think the Ground may go against a lot like good ground from this family, By By Euro is the save if it goes good to firm drawn 9 but I think he will come late and hard but Ultimately the draw may be his Undoing.


frguk extras

Wolves 2.45 Dana Forever is being Backed in, already valuable as a broodmare because although the female side of the family doesn’t win many races they breed winners too, so a win makes her valuable as a broodmare even 1 win, this trainer sends them to wolves to prep which sometimes doesn’t work going back, but works quite often id say though I’m not sure of the stats?? there’s not much in the race apart from the fav so may be worth a cover bet 2 places at 1pt at 6/4 gets second stakes returned

#Vaal 1.30 a fillies race its winter so you get a few Upsets maybe Shesahottie or One dollar massage could win they usually get beat of these lot all the time but maybe just maybe they can over turn the form in their winter at big crazy exacta prices One dollar massage 16 Shesahottie 12s two fun singles and a fun reverse exacta

Days profit counted two points profit for pro bettors of my blogs, pro bettors welcomed.

21-07-19 Bet 2.25.pt loss 1pt win1.25pt -5/2 1/4pt win 4/1 =total +profit 2.75.pts 1pt= £25,

22 -07-19 BET 1/2PT Win 1/4pt ew 6/1 winner = 2pts clear profit total profit+4.75 pts

once I update the site and add new pages soon ill put the profit losses on one separate page.

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